About Promote.Health

Promote.Health is an organization interested in using the latest technology and science to craft a new era in public health.

While public health science and practice has come a long way in the past few hundred years, there is still so much that can be done. Now more than ever the shortcomings of the public health system should be obvious. The recent COVID-19 epidemic has shown us just how fragile our public health system is.

Modern advancements in technology, including 3D printing and blockchain technology have been underutilized. Resources have been poorly allocated. And science has often not been followed. Long after COVID-19 is a distant memory, humanity, and other organisms living on this planet, will be faced with health crises, many of which will be worse than COVID-19.


We’re still in the early stages of operations and we haven’t fully decided what services we’ll be trying to provide. But we would like to help educate the next generation of public health and medical professionals and improve financial opportunities for them.

We are also working on creating a potential ‘infection weather report‘ which would help inform peoples seasonal changes to infection risk, and help them make decisions to stay safer.

We are part of The World Builder Initiative

The World Builder Initiative is an organization that is working to leverage blockchain technologies, and other advancements in technology and science, to improve the human condition. Promote.Health is one of a number of projects seeded by World Builder.

A core element of our project is the Public Health Coin (PHC). This coin will be used to help fund various projects, including new research, as well as provide income for underappreciated and underpaid workers within the public health and medical professions, including first responders.

We plan on working together with a number of other core World Builder projects in order to promote improvements to the public health system, including projects focused on open science and academic research.