Earn PHC by Improving Your Public Health Skills

Promote.Health is still working on ways to allow people to earn PHC through self improvement. However, we wanted to give people some options as quickly as possible. We are therefore happy to announce that we will give a “refund” to anyone who completes certain Coursera courses relating to public health.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with Coursera or the developers of the courses listed. PHC is a cryptocurrency which involves certain risks. Please do proper research before making any decisions.


There are certain requirements in order to receive PHC for course completion.

  • You must have a Tron compatible wallet so you can receive the token.
  • You must complete the course with the certificate, and show proof of completion. We will store the verification address so that the certificate cannot be used twice.

The conversion rate of PHC is subject to change. We currently are offering 100K PHC for the completion of a course.


This list will change over time.