Public Health Coin

A core element of Promote.Health is the Public Health Coin (PHC), a TRC-20 compatible token on the Tron blockhchain. It will be used to help subsidize incomes for first responders, and provide funding for public health programs.

Getting PHC

Currently, the main way to get PHC is to forge it. The forge system is an invention of The World Builder Initiative. While a small amount of tokens can be created each month, by this foundation, WB has decided that there should be no predetermined rate for the increase in supply of tokens, in general.

Rather than having a fixed rate at which tokens can be created, WB’s core token, WRLD, is used to forge new tokens like PHC. The WRLD is distributed back into the pool or locked away for a period of time, and in return a user is awarded with a certain amount of new tokens.

You can also get PHC by improving your public health skills.

Using Tron

The process is fairly straight forward, however, it does require a basic understanding of how to interact with smart contracts. Tron uses energy to pay for its smart contract execution. Make sure to have enough TRX frozen to prevent TRX from being burned. You’ll need a Tron wallet, such as TronLink, and some Tron to get started.

The following video gives a brief overview of how to install TronLink. Once installed, you’ll need some Tron, which can be purchased from a number of places. Coinswitch has an option to buy Tron with a debit or credit card (likely not available in New York).

Getting WRLD

There are a number of ways to get WRLD. One of the easiest is to just convert TRX to WRLD using the Poloni DEX. This option is the fastest however trading volumes may be low and it may not be easy to get the best price.

The other option is to get it for “free,” if you have enough energy available from freezing TRX. The World Builder Initiative has a faucet app and a number of mini-games that are used to promote WRLD and their projects. It’s a slow process, but you can collect a lot of world, especially right now because there isn’t a lot of competition. We’d definitely suggest this option.

Forging Tokens

Once you have some WRLD, you’ll need to register as a PHC smith at the forge. Each token requires its own registration, which costs a small fee in TRX. From there, you just decide how much WRLD you want to spend, and whether the price is reasonable. The more people forging, the more expensive it gets.


Currently the system is in the early stages of development. We suggest that only experienced users forge tokens for now. If you have any questions at all, please go to the World Builder telegram group.