Pagmaya Wellness Centers

We are happy to announce that Promote.Health is in the early stages of helping launch a number of wellness centers that will help improve public health for local communities.


There are many forms of health, and it is unfortunate that many facilities are only capable of servicing one or two areas of wellness. Treating these areas is better than nothing, but it does not treat the whole person. Furthermore, deficiencies in one area of health can lead to decline in overall health. The goal of Pagmaya Wellness Centers is to provide integrated health services, across the world, but tailored to the needs of local populations.

Why Pagmaya?

Pagmaya is a Bisaya word meaning cheerful or jubilant. We chose this word to emphasize an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Integrative Health

We don’t wish to focus on a single area of health. We want to support all five dimensions of health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. We also recognize that socioeconomic health can play a significant role in determining health outcomes, and many parts of the world have limited access to quality healthcare due to economic depression.

Pagmaya will therefore include pharmacy and health supply services, but also nutritional evaluation, psychological evaluation and counseling, and yoga and meditation services. It will also offer training services consistent with the goals of Promote.Health, including crisis prevention and emergency medical service.


The main function of PHC is to create an economy around public health, where PHC can help fund necessary public health services, and support people who are willing to help. We will therefore offer a stipend to those people who successfully complete training in public health volunteer services.


Facebook: Pagmaya Wellnes Centers

If you have any questions about the wellness center project, please reach out to the current project lead, Daniel Goldman. You can also join our mailing list if you’re interested in receiving future news about this project.