Potential Services

Promote.Health has a number of project goals. The timeline right now is fairly non-specific, in part because of COVID-19 disrupting a lot of operations. However, we would like to at least cover some of the general ideas for services that Promote.Health will be offering in the coming years.

Emergency Services Training and Funding

The original core idea of Promote.Health was a platform to support emergency services. This objective was folded into our current mission. We plan on offering numerous emergency services training programs, and offer stipends to people who are qualified to provide support in cases of emergencies.

Infection Weather Report

COVID-19 has taught us that we need to be better prepared for pandemics. We’ve been striving to implement an infection monitoring and reporting system or ‘infection weather report‘ that would allow communities to better protect themselves and halt the spread of infectious disease.

Health Streaming Content

We plan on creating a network of health related videos and even whole series. This subscription based channel will have all sorts of content related to maintaining good health, including shows on healthy diet and exercise, yoga, meditation, and more. As the infection monitoring system takes off, we will also provide daily commentary on the incoming data and any current risks.

Pharmacy Model

Access to medicine and health products and services isn’t just a matter of having funds available. It’s also a matter of location. Pharmacies were once community services that served a local population. Over time, many of the small “mom and pop” pharmacies had to sell off to major brands. Unfortunately, some of these brands do not support low income areas, and they don’t provide tailored services.

The benefit of economy of scale shouldn’t be ignored, but something needs to change. When it comes to operations like pharmacies, a franchise model could be useful. However, given how important health products and services are, we don’t want the franchise to draw too many resources away from the local establishments in terms of fees. Therefore, our objective is to create a non-profit franchise operation, where the non-profit supports local pharmacy businesses.

Integrating PHC

So how will PHC play into these services? The goal is to have all the services accept PHC as a form of payment. One option, and probably the option that a lot of these services will take, will be to use current market rates for PHC, and offer a discount if PHC is used instead of some other currency.